To show those whose stories are told here that they have a story that matters. To give them the means to begin to share their story with their friends and family and the world. To share stories with the public that help us know that we are not alone. 

What is The Story Project?

It's a project to find, write, and share the true, extraordinary stories of real, ordinary people from across the United States.

This is the catch:  Everyone has a story, and every story matters. But, not everyone has the voice, time, or platform to tell or write their own story. Think anywhere from esquire-type exposes to your local newspaper's "Local Heroes" highlight columns. But instead of reading about George Clooney's pet pig, you'll be reading about how your co-worker in a high end office grew up working in the California valley fields picking strawberries as a child. You'll begin to read the impactful, endearing, heart-wrenching, encouraging stories that we usually only see in movies and books, and you'll start to see that they belong to the people all around you. 

But, why?

We've lost the art of storytelling. The Story Project hopes to help bring it back. 
Stories are powerful. Seeing our own story helps us to understand ourselves better and to understand how our lives have led us to who we've become. People who understand themselves are better able to share their story and connect with the world around them. And when you read the stories, you likely will discover that there are people who understand pieces of your life in which you thought you were the only one.

That's what stories have the power to do. 

You have a story. You are not alone. Your story could change someone's life. 



This is where I need your help. I'll be scheduling interviews for several stories in any given area that I travel to during the 2015-2016 project. I will be trying to focus efforts where I have connections as to keep the cost to the project participants down as much as possible while also making sure I'm at least covering my costs.

What you can do:

- Follow the Project

Read the stories. Share the stories.

- Participate 

Browse the options for lengths of written pieces and prices. Fill out the Inquiry Form to let me know you're interested, where you're located, and what length of piece you're interested in.

- Spread the word

Know someone with an incredible story? Encourage them to participate! Tell you're friends about the project and help it gain momentum in stories and readers.

- Donate to the general funding of the story project

To cover expenses like travel, food and lodging, etc. Donate HERE

- Donate a Story Scholarship 

Help someone who can't afford it to still be able to have their story told. You can name it for a particular participant (with their consent) or have it go into a generic scholarship fund for anyone who needs it. Donate HERE

- Help with connections

Do you have free hotel nights? A cabin or second home that I could stay in for a few days or a week? Hotel discount connections? Transferable Airline miles? Random gift cards for restaurants or cafes that you're not using? A book publisher friend that might want to help in the process of giving this a print medium also?? (I mean, I didn't think so, but it doesn't hurt to ask.) Anything that could make this project work smoother and more effectively is welcome. Shoot me a line about your connections you'd be willing to offer to 


Whatever you end up doing, thank you for your involvement in this project! 

The truth is interesting enough.
— Dean Nelson, Professor of Journalism